Poker is very much a game that demands confidence. In order to succeed, you need to believe in yourself and convince other players that you are the real deal. Much of this can be achieved by thinking carefully about the clothes that you wear to the casino. Wear something that makes you feel good, and let your inner confidence shine through. Think high heels, that dress that hugs your curves and some statement jewellery, anything that makes you feel special. Take inspiration from the movies, they always turn up the glamour in the casino scenes and so should you.

It’s not about making yourself attractive for the men around the poker table, although if you can distract them from the game this might be a bonus. It is all about looking the part, convincing other players that you know what you are doing and that the casino is your natural environment means they won’t hold back and will bet big, thus increasing your potential winnings. Allowing your confidence to shine through also makes it harder for others to read your intentions, making it easier to bluff.

Typically the dress code at casinos is smart/casual and some people do take advantage of this, I have honestly seen people turn up to play poker in jeans and hoodies. Whilst this might have an advantage in that these players have some clothing to hide behind to help them disguise their intentions it could also put off players with cash to burn from playing with them. The best way to interest the high rollers in a game is to dress like them, act like you are from their world and that you know exactly what you are doing. Of course, you should endeavour to match up your skill with your clothes too.