Welcome to nutsaboutjewellery.co.uk. At Nuts About Jewellery we will try to answer all your jewellery needs and desires. Throughout the centuries, people have always loved to decorate themselves, be it with coloured stones, stunning gems or precious metals. Almost every culture throughout the world has some form of body decoration to their name.

A more basic level will cover the different types of jewellery available such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings, and, of course, we will cater to the men out there as well, after all, they like to look good just like us ladies. Throughout all of this we will offer helpful suggestions on how to compliment a certain look or style, what types suit specific features and much, much more. We will even offer you ways that you can revamp old pieces, create new ones or design a piece from scratch using materials that you have at home.

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